Brain Temperature Tunnel™

The World's First Noninvasive & Continuous Temperature Measurement

Based on the groundbreaking discovery by Yale researcher Dr. Marc Abreu of a new organ in the human body — the Brain Temperature Tunnel™ (BTT™), Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp. has developed revolutionary technology that solves a 300-year old problem. Now, for the first time, human body temperature can be measured continuously outside the body, just like other vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate.


The Best of Biology Creating the Best of Technology


By harnessing the best of biology with the best of technology, the BTT offers unprecedented benefits for humanity. The immediate applications and opportunities created by the discovery of the BTT are far-reaching and widespread – encompassing the fields of medicine, sports and the military in addition to the workplace and even family planning.

What this means:

• Decreasing the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), which causes 99,000 U.S.

patient deaths annually

• Drastically reducing the estimated two billion times per year that hospital nurses in the

U.S. check patients’ temperature

• Detecting infectious diseases, like H1N1 swine flu

• Preventing heat stroke in the military, firefighters, industrial workers and athletes

• Providing a natural method for tracking fertility and birth control

• Continuously monitoring human body temperature like any other vital sign — heart rate,

blood pressure and respiratory rate

Applications of the BTT