Discovery of the Brain Temperature Tunnel™

Dr. Marc Abreu, an ophthalmologist at Yale with a degree in physics, had been intrigued by the issue of temperature monitoring throughout his career. The science of monitoring the body's temperature (a thermometer) has not advanced in more than 300 years.

Dr. Abreu recognized that many lives are lost annually due to bacterial infections that go unrecognized through the night due to the lack of continuous temperature monitoring technologies. And while these deaths are rarely attributed to arcane technology, it is clear that with continuous temperature monitoring, the same way we now monitor the heart and other vital signs, many deaths could be avoided.


The BTT™ -- Brain Temperature Tunnel™ -- is a pathway for thermal energy transfer from
the hypothalamic region of the brain and a specialized island of high conductivity skin at
the superomedial orbit (between the eye and the nose). Dr. Abreu spent more than a
decade identifying areas around the corners of the eye, and he focused on measuring the slower moving blood which lies in the sinews of the brain (as opposed to arterial blood).

Dr. Abreu’s research led him to discover the very unique properties of the superior ophthalmic vein. This vein lies within the Brain Temperature Tunnel. Research and subsequent clinical tests validated the fact that the skin temperature over the BTT (monitored noninvasively without correction and predictive factors) is consistent with established measures of core temperature in humans during steady state or slowly changing conditions.

The discovery of the BTT will offer new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities and
provide an answer to the current deficiencies of thermometry.