Abreu BTT™ Spot Check

BTT has developed a series of Spot-Check temperature devices, including the Abreu BTT™ Spot Check Thermometer. The complete family of infared (IR) devices are designed to address the many known issues of traditional thermometry.


  • Measurements with old techniques are blind; patient or doctor cannot see the sensor at the time of measurement with either ear, rectal or oral thermometer
  • Ear thermometer only performs blind measurements because the sensor cannot see the area measured
  • There is great anatomic variation in the ear and variable amounts of ear wax in the ear canal, causing errors in measurements
  • Oral placement is blind and sensor may not be at the sublingual pocket; therefore is more prone to error
  • Rectal thermometers are dirty and also suffer from blind placement (too low vs. too high)

The Abreu BTT™ Spot Check Thermometer allows visual monitoring of the area measured at ALL TIMES and provides a signal indicating that the temperature measurement is finished.

No Body Penetration and Natural

Established methods such as ear, rectal and oral thermometry require penetration through a body orifice in order for temperature measurement to be performed. Besides causing discomfort to the patient, all of these invasive methods are subject to a range of user error.

Abreu BTT™ Spot Check technology performs temperature measurements at the surface of the skin in a NATURAL manner WITHOUT BODY PENETRATION.

Not Affected by Talking, Drinking, Eating, Defecation, etc.

Standard methods, primarily oral thermometry and anal thermometry, are obtrusive and interfere with the ability of a patient to perform routine activities, including simple but key functions like talking, eating and drinking.

Because the BTT™ technology is noninvasive, Abreu BTT™ Spot Check temperature measurement is not influenced by when the patient has eaten or consumed hot or cold beverages.

Abreu BTT™ Spot Check technology allows measurements to take place while the patient is TALKING, EATING or DRINKING and in a COMFORTABLE manner.

No Touch Necessary with BTT "No Touch Thermometry"

Such methods as ear, rectal and oral thermometry need to touch the patient in order to measure temperature.

The Abreu BTT™ Spot Check does not require any direct contact with the patient, yet the temperature readings are more accurate because of the temperature measurement location.

No Disposables

Because there is no touch, the Abreu BTT™ Spot Check stylus can be reused many times, reducing the cost of consumables and the logistics required to manage the disposal of consumables.

Continuous Temperature Monitoring Without Patient Disturbance

Measurements with the old techniques disturb the patient. Old methods like ear, rectal and oral thermometry require a nurse or caregiver to wake up the patient for temperature measurement to be performed.

Abreu BTT™ Spot Check Is Hygienic

Conventional methods, such as ear, rectal and oral thermometry, require contact with body secretions in order for temperature measurement to be performed.

Convenient, Easy-to-Use and Fast

Measurements with old techniques are inconvenient and cannot be done with patients sleeping, eating, drinking or talking.

The need for disposable units increases labor involved in looking for the part, placing it and disposing of the part.

Sick patients generally need to be hydrated. For accurate measurements to occur with the most reliable and easy method (oral), patients would not be able to drink or eat for 20 to 30 minutes before taking their temperature. This can cause great inconvenience and difficulty in acquiring accurate measurements.

Abreu BTT™ Spot Check Is Safe

Ear, rectal and oral thermometry can be unsafe. Although occurrences are rare, the device can touch delicate areas and cause bleeding by penetrating the body. Oral and rectal devices carry risks. These devices can transmit germs and have been known to break, with the potential to break within the patient's body. Ear thermometers have their own dangers as accidental touch of the tympanic membrane can cause bleeding, rupture and hearing problems.

Lower Cost

Lower cost is achieved by eliminating the significant costs related to disposing of medical waste (disposables). Furthermore, the medical facility is enhancing its image by protecting the environment and reducing medical waste.


Measurement is fully visible to
care giver - No Blind Measurement

Patient can eat and drink before,
during and after Spot Check™

Continuous temperature monitoring
with NO patient disturbance